About Undo IT

I began using computers in the first grade. That was back when monitors had two colors: green and black. Apple was using a variatiant of Microsoft Basic as the operating system for their AppleĀ II computers. I wrote my first programs using BASIC and Logo. Things sure have changed! It has been more than 20 years since I first used a computer and I have been continuously improving my computer skills and technological know-how since then.

There have been times when I wished I had an Undo button for everything - a little drop down menu in the sky to go back and try something another way. Unfortunately, that Undo hasn't been invented yet and we are still prone to accidents like spilled coffee and locking the keys in the car. Undo, UNDO!

When it comes to computers we are fortunate to have an Undo button and even when that doesn't work, any if not all computer problems can be solved. An incessant tinkerer by nature, I have been able to unravel just about every computer crisis I have come across.

I began providing tech support for friends who were wrestling with computer problems. This began taking up all of my free time and I decided to offer this service professionally. Over the past 6 years I have pursued technical training, honed my skills and provided professional support for home users and businesses. My goal is to help demystify your computing experience.

A friend sent me a scan of this comic strip from the local paper back on June 6th, 2006. I'm not the only one who would like to have an Undo button for everything. Click on the link to see the cartoon: Undo Cartoon